Large collage photo frame is an ideal gift for grandparents

Wall Mounted Collage Photo Frame

This attractive wall mounted photo frame could really make your grandparents day, just imagine the look on their faces as they unwrap it to reveal treasured photos of their grandchildren. Unlike some of the other photo frames that we suggest, this item is specifically meant as a gift from grandchildren and features an inset natural stone tablet in the center of the frame. This tablet is engraved with the message, “Grandchildren EACH DAY my heart is filled with the  joy of being grand” which we think works really well and certainly adds to the overall effect of this photo frame. All you need do upon receipt of your gift is to choose 6 of your favourite photos of the grandkids and add them to the frame for a gift that’s sure to bring a warm glow to grandad or grandma’s heart.

This is quite a large photo frame and whilst meant for a wall mounting, i dare say it could be used in other situations such as on grans mantelpiece where it’s sure to serve as a talking point and give gran the chance to boast about the grandkids. With a classic black frame and delicate gray highlights, it’s sure to fit right-in in any home or setting. You can find out further info about this photo frame by clicking the button below, so why not go ahead and treat your loved one today, they’re certainly worth it!

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