Is Love and Time the Ultimate Gift?

a family spending time together

So i was talking to a dear friend over the weekend and the topic turned to what would be my ultimate gift, well, after some giggles we came to the conclusion that perhaps the best gift one person can give to another, is that of their time and love? Sounds soppy i know, but the more i think about it the more it seems true, especially when considering older relatives who as sad as it is, may not have too long left on this beautiful world. This really got my mind thinking as perhaps i too have been guilty at times of not spending as much time as i should with loved ones. The good thing however is of course that this can easily be fixed, it’s simply a matter of spending time together whether it be over a cuppa tea or perhaps going christmas shopping together, even just a walk down to the park or a bingo night together can leave a memory that will be with you both for eternity.

Sure, presents are always nice to receive but how many of us can truly say that, when we’re on our death-bed in years to come, they value the physical gifts more than the love and time spent with a cherished one? I think we both know the answer here, and whilst in this crazy mixed up world it can often seem hard to find time for one selves let alone another, it’s worth making that extra effort. As christmas approaches again i think this is especially poignant, and perhaps the perfect opportunity to spend extra time with those who may not have long left, even with those that we may not always have seen eye to eye with. Yes i know it’s hard, but surely we can see past the little things in order to appreciate the bigger picture. After all, it is memories that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

My friend and i actually got a little emotional when talking about this, i think we both realised that perhaps there are people in our lives who deserve more from us and that perhaps we have been coasting along in the relationship until now. Perhaps. Whatever the reason, now is a great time to start to change things with the season of goodwill soon to be upon us and we both agreed that there are people who need our time and love much more than to receive a simple gift. I guess it goes back to something we’ve talked about in the past, where it is the thought that counts more than the gift itself as the thought that someone you care about is thinking about you and has taken the change to spend time with you. For me, i find this infinitely more rewarding that a simple present.

Though of course that’s not to say you should forgo the act of gift giving altogether! After all, I’d be out of business if you did! But perhaps, for certain people in our lives, they would appreciate your time and love much more. It is certainly food for thought anyways when composing this years gift lists.

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