Choosing a gift for grandparents

Choosing the right gift for grandparents

Choosing the right gift for a grandparent can often be a daunting task, with much needing to be considered. After all it can be extremely difficult to find the right gift for the man or woman who has seen and done most things in life.

So how does one decide on the ideal gift for grandparents? Well a good place to start is with any hobbies or pastimes that your grandparents may enjoy doing. Think about what they spend most of their time doing (and no, looking after the grandchildren should not be considered a hobby!) as this can often form a usefull base for suggestions as to gifts. Sadly in this day and age it’s all too easy to fall out of touch with the grandparents and it may be worth spending some extra time with them before choosing your gift in order to keep up to date on developments in their lives. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, for most grandparents will be happy to drop subtle and perhaps not so subtle hints into such conversations, especially if their special day is approaching ever nearer.

One important thing to consider when choosing your gift is that many grandparents are not able to perform physical activities such as me or you may be capable of. That’s right, that absailing trip down Ben Nevis might be a great gift for a friend, however it’s unlikely an older grandparent would be capable of such physical exertions yet alone enjoy such an activity. Another important aspect to take into mind when considering a gift is any particular dietary or medical conditions the grandparent may have, as whilst they may be fond of sweets and such goodies it’s unlikely to be of much benefit to their health and many would prefer a more personalised gift, something that show’s the present giver has actually taken time to think about what they want to give and say.

Gift certificates are often given in such circumstances, however they can somewhat rightly be considered a cop-out, as its easy to pick up a simple gift voucher and leave the actual choice of “present” up to the receiver. Whilst a simple choice, it doesn’t show much thought or originality and most people would much prefer to receive a gift that shows the purchaser has actually taken the time to think about what they want to give their loved ones. For example what would you prefer to receive, a £20 marks and spencer voucher or a beautiful photo album pre-filled with treasured photos of the family and grandkids with a personal message just for them engraved into the surface? I know which one would make me feel the most loved, that’s for sure.

Which brings us onto personalised gifts, as nothing says “I love you” quite like a personalised gift that the giver has obviously taken the time to pick out and customise just for their grandparent. There are many forms of personalised gift, however most will feature some sort of personal message either engraved or printed onto the actual gift. Whether your message is witty and funny or a heartfelt “thanks!” it shows that you have really taken the time and consideration needed to pick something out that is truly meaningful and that will bring fond memories for years to come.

Whichever route you take and whatever you choose as your gift for grandparents, you should always remember it’s the thought that counts, and not the financial value of the gift in question. A perfect gift doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive gift, there are plenty of cheap personalised gifts that can mean much more to your grandparent than an expensive off the shelf gift. However at the end of the day, the choice is yours, and heavily influenced by what exactly you want to say to your grandparents on their special day.

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