Luxury Afternoon Tea for the Grandparents

afternoon tea for two

There is something so quintessentially British about having afternoon tea and it’s a tradition that goes back centuries, after all, they say the british empire was built upon cups of tea. If your grandparents are fond of afternoon tea then this gift could be right up their alley and would make a great alternative to a tangible gift item. Your grandparents will be able to enjoy afternoon tea at one of a number of luxury venues around the british isles and whilst the actual menu available in each venue will differ somewhat, you can rest assured that tea, scones and cake will feature heavily on it! Just imagine your grandparents, a lazy summer afternoon and a picturesque view as they sit and share cake and cones and sip on a nice cup of earl gray, they’re sure to be overjoyed at their gift. Grandad sitting back and enjoying the view with a nice cuppa whilst grandma nibbles on a tasty cake or two, it’s certainly an appealing image that’s for sure.

The voucher entitles the owner to afternoon tea for two at one of a number of venues around the UK and whilst pre-booking is required, all contact details for the various venues are included, it’s simply a matter for your grandparents to choose a suitable venue and a quick phone call ahead and the date is booked. What I really like about this gift is that it’s something out of the ordinary, and your grandparents will get to enjoy the food and ambience of their chosen setting without worrying about paying for it. I have to admit I grabbed one of these just to try out when hubs and I went on a recent trip and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, we picked a quaint little sconnery in Cumbria (yes, I know that sconnery is not a real word but it’s something we coined whilst sitting their enjoying the environment). Alternatively at the time of writing afternoon tea is available from a wide range of locations such as East Sussex, Andover, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey; Moggerhanger,  Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, St Peter’s Port, Guernsey, Ambleside, Cumbria, Wirral, Glasgow, Perthshire, Kinross(Scotland) Llandudno and Conwy (Wales) so you’re grandparents are sure to find a suitable location within easy travel distance.

All in all this is certainly something a little out of the ordinary and would make a perfect gift for anyone who has cause to celebrate during the spring and summer months. Thoroughly recommended for anyone seeking an alternative to the traditional gift.

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