Personalised Apron for Grandad or Grandma

Personalised Apron with message to Grandad or Grandma

If grandma loves to cook in the kitchen or grandad is a wizard at the bbq, why not treat them to their very own personalised apron as a special gift from the grandchildren. If your kids are anything like my own, they love to spend time cooking and baking  with grandma (or at least that’s what they tell me, though I’m more inclined to believe its an excuse for the grandchildren to make a mess!) and what grandparent wouldn’t want a reminder of these special times together.

With both the image and the text on this apron fully customisable by yourself, it makes a great personal gift for grandad or grandma on their special day. Not only will your grandparents look good whilst cooking, but it will help keep them clean and offers the perfect opportunity to show off  to friends and other family members. We would suggest adding either your own personal message or perhaps something witty to make them laugh and bring a smile to the face. Whatever you choose, this unusual gift apron is a must have in kitchen attire and is certain to be worn with pride by any aspiring chef for years to come.

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