Grandma’s Personalised Boasting Box

Grandma's Personalised Boasting Box

Almost every grandma loves to boast about their grandchildrens achievements and the love they show to gran. Which is why we really love this novel gift suggestion and whilst the more cynical amongst our readers may suggest this is nothing more than a box, we believe it’s so much more than that. With your choice of personalised message added to the boasting box lid it forms an attractive storage box for all of those previous mementos grandma’s love to keep, such as their most treasured photos, letters and keepsakes from their grandchildren. Not only does it provide a means of storage but it’s sure to be kept close at hand for when those unexpected guests drop by and provide the perfect means for Grandma to boast and show off her grandkids.

We really like this handmade and decorated storage box and think it’s one of the more unusual yet useful gifts one could give to grandma. Why not pre-populate it with some special photos and a handwritten note from the grandchildren to give grandma a head start on her collection. You can find out further information about this great gift as well as ordering details by clicking the More Info button below, so go ahead, give Grandma something really special this year, something that will be treasured forever.

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