Gold carriage clock with personalised message, a timeless gift!

Personalised gold carriage clock

Yeah i know, my apologies about the timeless pun, however don’t let my bad humour put you off this gift, it really is a classic present and would take pride of place on any mantlepiece. Whilst usually given as a retirement gift this tradition is becoming more and more rare these days. With a solid glass front and crystal quartz timing mechanism this gift stands out as quality item in this day and age. So why not surprise your grandparents with their very own gold carriage clock, complete with your personal message engraved on the rear its bound to bring a smile to grandad or grandma’s face when they unwrap it.

In times gone by clocks were not as common place as they are now and were built with sturdiness in mind as they often needed to be carried on travels from one place to another, hence the attractive gold handle on top of the clock. Whilst times have certainly changed since then, the gold carriage clock remains a sought after item and makes a great gift for any grandparent. The key to such a gift being the addition of your personalised message which is engraved onto the rear of the clock, it your chance to say “Thankyou” or indeed to add a message of your own choosing. We strongly recommend taking your time over deciding what exactly it is that you want to say, after all, this gift will be with your grandparents for years to come!

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