I’m A Grandpa! Personalised Mug

I'm a Grandpa! Ceramic Mug

I’m sure you can come up with your own mug related jokes so I’ll refrain from suggesting any. However, let’s face it, Mugs are always in high demand in any household and this cheeky I’m a grandpa mug is certain to make grandpa grin. With space for your own personalised message on the back as well as grandpa’s name on the front of the mug under the cartoon of grandpa holding a baby, it makes a great gift whether you add a cheeky message or something sentimental. One gift suggestion would be to give this mug to a new grandpa however i dare say that it’s suitable for a number of occasions, depending on how you word your personal message on the back.

Featuring a large handle on this ceramic mug its great for the tea or coffee loving grandpa in your life, with the large handle providing plenty of room to grasp the mug firmly which is great for day-to-day use. Or perhaps your grandpa likes to collect such keepsakes, whatever your reason for buying you can rest assured that you won’t feel like a mug if you give this gift to grandpa. (Ok, maybe just one little mug joke, it’s the last, i promise!). So why not go ahead and start customizing your very own “i’m a grandpa mug” and give grandpa something to really make him smile!

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