Grandads personalised photo album, great for boasting!

Grandads Personalised Boasting Album

What grandad doesn’t love to show off the grandchildren, and with this superb photo album they will have everything they need for boasting. Well almost, they will need to add their favourite photos of the grandchildren, or why not do it for them, simply choose a selection of up to 28 of your most treasured photos and add them to this attractive personalised photo album and you have a great grandad gift. Suitable for any occasion, the personalised nature of this gift offers that little bit something extra when a proud grandad has cause to show off and boast about his grandchildren.

The handmade decorations on this photo album really lend themselves to the overall feel of this gift and grandad is sure to enjoy having his name on the front each time he opens it up. With the photo album cover made from textured mulberry paper and coming complete with its own mulberry paper box it really lends itself to the overall handmade feeling.

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